1. "Con te mi sentivo di non aver fallito, capisci?"
    — frase mia, vecchie chat.

  2. "Impari a pensarci due volte che ad essere buono a volte si rimette.
    Impari a sentirti da solo anche in mezzo ad un mare di gente."
    — Achille Lauro, Scelgo le stelle
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    OMMIODDIO. Mi sono fatta una canna?


    CHE STREGONERIA È MAI QUESTA. sono fatta aiuto

    hahaha figataaaaaaaa xD


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  4. Barney one love.

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  5. Only hate the road when you’re missing home.

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  6. "But if I don’t believe in him,
    Why would he believe in me?"
    — Bring Me The Horizon, Chelsea Smile
  7. Wasted youth babe.

  8. They are l i f e ♡

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  9. MMLP2 ❤️

  10. "And in that moment, i swear we are infinite."

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    Murder’s period.

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  12. 'Nobody knows me I'm cold
    Walk down this road all alone
    Its noones fault but my own
    Its the path ive chosen to go
    Frozen as snow I show no emotion whatsoever so..’

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  13. There’s only one God.

    Marshall Bruce Mathers III ❤️

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  14. Evergreen.

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  15. "Why you have to go and make things so complicated?"
    —  Avril Lavigne , Complicated🎶